Tabbuli Grill |…

Tabbuli Grill |….


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Charleston Hospitality Group is a restaurant group comprised of several restaurants, catering and entertaining venues including Toast! Toast of Summerville, Toast of West Ashley, FILL Restaurant & Piano Bar, Tabbuli, Eli's Table, Queology, HonkyTonk Saloon(s) Cove Oyster Bar & Grille, and CHG Catering. We strive to ensure that your visit to the Lowcountry is everything you want it to be and more. Come see us and allow us to give you the grand tour of Charleston and our local hospitality. View all posts by Charleston Hospitality Group

One response to “Tabbuli Grill |…

  • Nemean Crighton

    Chef Eric and his staff prepare superb cuisine!!! I have eaten at Tabbuli and at the sister restaurant of Eli’s Table. While Eli’s is a good place to eat with fine food presented well, Tabbuli is by far even better in that Tabbulli offers not just FINE food but it is so much more tastier than Eli’s Table’s offerings. My opinion: Put Chef Eric as chef at BOTH Tabbuli’s AND Eli’s Table, cause HE is the best and proves it over and over. Current Chef at Eli’s is a lot of mouth making others do his work and then he takes credit.

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