Warm Words Wednesday


We love hearing from our guests at Eli’s Table. This week, we were especially thrilled to see some very kind words. We can’t thank you enough for sharing your experience with everyone, and we hope to see you all at Eli’s Table this summer!

“We stopped here on a culinary tour of charleston. Not only was the food amazing, but the head chef/ owner, Brett, was delightful and extremely informative. The veal meatloaf was to die for, and the blueberry cobbler had the perfect combination of tart and sweet flavors. We will definitely go back for more.”

“My husband and I went to Eli’s Table right after first opening for lunch. We liked so well, we took clients for dinner a few weeks later. Everyone enjoyed their selections. We all especially liked the textures and flavors of the gorgonzola fondue. I’ve never been a gorgonzola cheese fan but this is really good! We’ve since taken a group for a birthday celebration. The cauliflower steak is also extremely good (hard to explain but I’ll have it again)! We particularly enjoy sitting on the patio.”

“Stopped in for sweet potato pancakes and was not disappointed! Thanks Eli’s “

“We found this place when we got caught outside in a rain storm. When we arrived, we were asked if we had reservations, which we did not. They then took my husband’s full name anyway, which was sort of weird. We had the gorgonzola fondue for the appetizer. It came with bacon, apple slices, bread, and potato wedges for dipping. Very good! For the entree, I had penne in vodka, which was tasty. My Italian husband tried some and also enjoyed it. My husband had the cauliflower steak with a delicious caponata on top. For dessert we shared a berry cobbler. Again, very good and big enough to share. Maybe it’s because of all the reviews on here, but the restaurant seemed very focused on service. In fact, at the end of the meal, our server gave us a questionnaire specifically regarding the service. “

“My boyfriend and I accidentally stumbled upon Eli’s Table. It was late and we were starving and there were seats open. Little did we know that we had found an outstanding restaurant! The service was perhaps the best that I have ever experienced: friendly, not overbearing, but it felt like you were instantly part of the family. The food was incredible! Although my boyfriend and I are not vegetarian/vegan, we ended up having an entirely vegetarian meal, staring with an heirloom tomato salad and then I had the eggplant parmesan, which was perfect. You could tell the food was impeccably made, the ingredients were fresh, and the wine was outstanding. I would eagerly go back here again. “


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Charleston Hospitality Group is a restaurant group comprised of several restaurants, catering and entertaining venues including Toast! Toast of Summerville, Toast of West Ashley, FILL Restaurant & Piano Bar, Tabbuli, Eli's Table, Queology, HonkyTonk Saloon(s) Cove Oyster Bar & Grille, and CHG Catering. We strive to ensure that your visit to the Lowcountry is everything you want it to be and more. Come see us and allow us to give you the grand tour of Charleston and our local hospitality. View all posts by Charleston Hospitality Group

3 responses to “Warm Words Wednesday

  • William R. Barker

    Each year my wife and I become “Charstonians” for the weekend of and following Memorial Day weekend.

    This year was our third year in a row visiting this absolute gem of a city where we also avail ourselves of the natural splendors surrounding the city itself.

    Last week, after spending Thursday in Savannah and having returned “home” to our base in North Charleston to snack on a calzone from EVO and partake in some beer sampling at the Coast Brewery, we found ourselves wondering down Meeting Street in search of a light snack and perhaps some live music.

    We’d decided that F.I.G. would be a bit much after such a busy food and drink. Still… there are plenty of other fine dining – and re-hydrating – spots on Meeting Street from which to choose.

    All of a sudden… THE MUSIC!

    We were strolling down Meeting and there it was… coming from a side ally… that exciting yet soothing Afro-Cuban beat!

    What were we hearing? We were hearing the band out on the back patio of Eli’s!

    Next… perusal of the menu.

    What’s this I see…?!?! Gorgonzola Fondue…?!?! Light salads which would make the perfect accompaniment to the fondue…?!?! TWO FOR THE PATIO, PLEASE…!!!

    All I can say is that Eli’s food, service, and bartender made our night!

    Upon being seated I asked for a drink menu. Unfortunately I was told that while the restaurant was in the process of putting one together, it wasn’t yet completed and printed. So… I strolled inside to chat with the bartender.

    I forget the gentleman’s name, but for purposes of this “review” let’s just call him “The Unsung Hero.” Here’s why: I told him exactly the sort of refreshing cocktail I was looking for… more tart than sweet but still “juicy” and just like that he started mixing a drink (getting some ingredients straight from the kitchen – basil and something else) which put a smile on my face!

    Service! It matters!

    Competence! It matters!

    Great drinks… great food… great service… and great atmosphere. That’s Eil’s.

    I’m told you folks only opened up a few months ago. Well… you’re gonna be a hit.

    Good luck and keep up the good work!

    • Charleston Hospitality Group

      Hi William!

      We’re so glad that you found us! We strive to blend the perfect mixture of cuisine, cocktails, music, and, or course, service!

      We look forward to having you back the next time you and family become “Charstonians!”

    • Charleston Hospitality Group

      Hi William! We’re so glad you found us at Eli’s. We strive to combine great food, music, atmosphere, and, of course, service! I’m glad that you enjoyed your evening with us, and we look forward to having you back the next time you and your family become “Charstonians!”

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